Training Services

Cellmark has considerable experience of designing and delivering a broad range of forensic awareness and crime scene recovery training to police and military customers in the UK, as well as to overseas law enforcement clients, and as part of UK university MSc degree courses. Cellmark has always seen the provision of advice and education as a key part of its service.

 Expert Trainers

Cellmark’s training packages have been developed through the Cellmark Training Services section of the business and delivered with the support of experienced operational scientific staff.

  Customised Courses

When training is requested by a customer Cellmark Training Services, Account Managers and Scientists make every effort to ensure that what is delivered meets the requirement exactly. To do this we may provide a pre-course questionnaire that relates to the scope of the training requested but allows the customer to provide more specific information and tailor the training to their trainees’ backgrounds, their local needs and the desired aims, objectives and outcomes.

  CPD Accreditation

For certain training courses we have sought and received CPD (Continuing Personal Development) accreditation points from the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, so that the trainees can recognise CPD points for their attendance and course completion.

   Multiple Locations

Cellmark can deliver training at its Abingdon or Chorley laboratories in the UK or by travelling to customers’ facilities in the UK or overseas

Forensic Training Services


Get in touch by emailing us at training@cellmark.co.uk to discuss your training requirements

Case Studies

Our scientists are often requested to provide guest lectures at Universities and international conferences, where we share our considerable experience and provide updates on the latest scientific developments in the field, including the results of our own R&D and from our scientific collaborations.


Cellmark's Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology Team provides regular body recovery/Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) training for the UK Military, ACPO UK DVI and the UK National College of Policing Harperley Hall, Durham


Delivered at our training laboratories in England, Cellmark provides a range of forensic courses for UK and overseas police and laboratory staff. We provided a bespoke 6 week course for 8 students from an overseas police force, including: forensic quality managment; DNA item examination; DNA laboratory processing; and profile interpretation and mixture analysis.


Cellmark delivers training for Drugs, Toxicology, Handwriting Analysis, Footwear, Fires and Damage Interpretation into national and international CSI courses run by the British Army.