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Crime Stain DNA

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Industry-leading success rates and rapid results from crime scene samples

Each month, Cellmark's DNA laboratories process thousands of samples recovered by the police from crime scenes. Through our contracts with police forces Cellmark is one of the largest contributors of crime scene DNA profiles to the UK National DNA Database® and has gained the reputation of delivering industry-leading success rates and rapid turnaround times from a wide range of evidence types. These samples are processed using a combination of the latest robotic technology and highly skilled forensic analysts. This ensures that DNA profiles obtained from the crime scene samples are rapidly processed, interpreted, checked and submitted for inclusion on the National DNA Database.

Cellmark sets the standard for the obtaining DNA profiles from samples with very low levels of cellular material such as property and clothing items that have only been handled (‘touch DNA’). Our team of interpretation scientists are skilled at analysing low-level profiles and complex mixtures aided by the use of expert software. At Cellmark, we work very closely with our police customers to optimise submission procedures and policies, to ensure best value and the delivery of a rapid responsive service.