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Scene Attendance

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Cellmark offers a 24-hour/365-day-a-year on-call team for attendance at a range of crime scenes

Cellmark offers a comprehensive scene examination service with highly experienced scientists who cover a wide range of forensic techniques from blood pattern analysis, body fluid recovery and footwear marks to exhumations and fire scene investigation.

Through a single contact phone number Cellmark offers a 24-hour/365-day-a-year on-call team for attendance at a variety of crime scenes. We also have specialist expertise in the recovery of samples for DNA analysis from crime scene and mass disaster situations.

Scene scientists can provide interpretation and advice that extends from the initial crime scene to the final court room. Cellmark was the first organisation in the UK to gain ISO 17020 accreditation for their scene examinations.

At a scene of crime, the scientist can offer initial intelligence, for example:

  • Where the attack took place from blood patterns present, damage identified or the movement of an offender from footwear marks
  • The initial findings may support or contradict statements given by suspect, victim or witnesses for early interview leads
  • They could identify and advise on fast-track actions, for example, a blood stain that could be analysed for DNA in order to compare with suspects or the National DNA Database for early intelligence

Scene Attendance Feedback

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