Marks and Traces: This is not just forensics, this is M&T forensics . . . (Part 1)

An Awareness Session for Police Investigators

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We currently don't have any dates scheduled for this course. Please drop us an email to register your interest though and we'll get back to you with dates in the future.

Course Summary

During this two hour seminar our forensic scientists will update investigators and submissions teams about developments in Marks and Traces (M&T) analysis and explain the value that these important forensic disciplines can bring to criminal investigations.

Part One of our M&T presentation will explore the analysis of corrosive substances, accelerants and lubricants. With the use of case examples, we will explain how critical these evidence types can be and how they can provide significant forensic links. There will be an opportunity for Q&As at the end of the session.

This will be a free to attend event hosted on Microsoft Teams.

The date for Part Two of this presentation, which will cover Footwear Marks, Tool Marks, Glass, Paint and Fibres will follow shortly.