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Forensic Casework

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With a team of more than 400 forensic scientists, DNA analysts and laboratory support staff we offer a comprehensive forensic assessment, evidence recovery, laboratory analysis, and evaluative interpretation service across a spectrum of scientific disciplines. Our forensic casework teams support the investigation of a wide range of volume and major crimes, including rape and sexual offences, assaults and murders.

Scene Attendance

Cellmark offers a 24-hour/365-day-a-year on-call team for attendance at crime scenes. Our comprehensive scene examination service with highly experienced scientists covers a wide range of forensic techniques from blood pattern analysis, body fluid recovery and footwear marks to exhumations and fire scene investigation.

Scene Attendance

Sexual Offences Service

Our Sexual Offences Service combines traditional forensic expertise with new and innovative approaches to solving crime. By working with some of the UK’s most experienced rape and sexual assault police investigation teams, we have developed an approach that combines a rapid, responsive service, with technology that has pushed the boundaries of detection sensitivity.

Sexual Offences Service

Cold Case Review

The ongoing development of forensic techniques is continuing to provide increased detection sensitivity. This, together with the introduction of novel approaches to examining evidence, means that the forensic re-examination of unsolved crimes at Cellmark regularly delivers significant investigative breakthroughs.

Cold Case Review

Comprehensive capability from crime scene to Court

  • Scene attendance
  • Strategy assessment and case management
  • Evidence examination, search and recovery
  • Body fluid presumptive testing
  • Blood pattern analysis
  • Chemical enhancement
  • Specialist extraction techniques
  • DNA profiling
  • High sensitivity DNA analysis
  • Fibres and hairs
  • Footwear
  • Glass, paint and particulate analysis
  • Toolmarks and damage interpretation
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Ecology
  • Accelerants
  • Fire scenes
  • Firearms and ballistics
  • Gunshot residue
  • Drugs
  • Toxicology
  • Noxious substances
  • Document examination
  • Enhanced sexual offence service
  • Cold case reviews

Training Courses

Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA) Awareness Course

Covering basic blood pattern analysis theory to assist investigators in maximising BPA evidence.

Duration: 1 day

This one day session is designed to provide police officers, crime scene investigators, pathologists, barristers and other professionals with a theoretical and practical understanding of the many different types of blood patterns that are possible and the potential limitations of BPA.

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