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Meeting the Forensic Regulator's Standards

Cellmark has developed a SARC Support Service that includes an informative and easy to understand Environmental Monitoring service as well as tailored forensic awareness training to assist SARCs (Sexual Assault Referral Centres) in meeting the FSR’s Codes of Practice.

Experienced and Accredited

At Cellmark we specialise in the forensic investigation of sexual offences. With over 35 years’ experience we operate one of the largest forensic DNA laboratories in the world and are contracted by the majority of police forces in the UK. Cellmark’s forensic laboratories have been accredited to the international quality standard ISO17025 for almost 20 years. Read more about our commitment to quality.

Focusing on the Forensic Science Regulator’s Standards

The Forensic Science Regulator’s (FSR’s) Code of Practice for Forensic Medical Examination highlights the requirement for regular Environmental Monitoring (EM) for DNA contamination as well as forensic awareness training. We have been accredited to the FSR’s Codes of Practice and Conduct for forensic practitioners since 2012 and are therefore well placed to be able to assist other organisations seeking accreditation.

We are passionate about forensic science and the investigation of crime and have been working with SARCs for many years. We have developed a tailored support service including training and consultancy, to help ensure that the best results can be obtained from forensic samples taken at SARCs, and to help SARCs meet the Regulator’s standards.

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Our Support Service

Environmental Monitoring (EM)

Under the FSR Codes an EM programme will be required in all SARCs to monitor your cleaning regime and help prevent the possibility of sample contamination. Our EM service offers consultancy, training and quarterly DNA testing.

  • Help with establishing an EM programme
  • Advice on cleaning to prevent DNA contamination
  • General forensic awareness training
  • Rapid testing of DNA environmental swabs every three months
  • Informative, simple to understand EM DNA results reports with easy to follow recommendations

FME Forensic Science Training

The FSR has highlighted the importance of all those involved in sexual assault investigations being aware of and up to date with current forensic techniques. Delivered by forensic scientists who are specialists in sexual offence investigations, our training sessions are designed to help you maintain your competence, understand how the FME’s work impacts on case interpretation, and maximise the potential of any forensic evidence recovery.

Other Services

Cellmark also provides bespoke forensic consultancy, a 24/7 out-of-hours telephone service for pre-submission advice and a staff elimination DNA profiling service.

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Contact us

If you would like help bringing the Forensic Science Regulator’s Standards into focus, or would like to enquire about our training or Environmental Monitoring service, please contact us for further details, prices and availability.

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