The benefits of the collegiate approach to Fire Investigation

An Awareness Session for Police Investigators

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The benefits of the collegiate approach to Fire Investigation
Date Wednesday, 19 June 2024
Course Duration 10.00am - 12.00pm
Location Online (Microsoft Teams)
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Course Summary

Cellmark Forensic Services is the only multidisciplinary Forensic Science Provider in England and Wales that employs its own forensic scientists operating as Fire Investigators in criminal investigations. With many years’ experience in a wide range of forensic disciplines, our scientists provide investigators with a distinctive and valuable contribution to the complex world of fire investigation. Not only do our scientists have the potential to contribute with their technical knowledge around fire science, fire development and the recovery of ignitable liquids, but they are also able to assist in the identification and evaluation of other forensic opportunities and can provide guidance relating to the preservation and recovery of other evidence in the fire scene that may help address criminal involvement.

This presentation will include an overview of the recent history of practical fire investigation, with a journey through legislation, governance, training, collaborations, commercialisation and more recently issues regarding capacity and regulation. We will discuss how the role of the forensic scientist at a crime scene can assist the Crime Scene Manager and Crime Scene Investigator while complementing the role of local Fire Officers. We will also explore how a collegiate, multi-agency approach to fire investigation provides the investigator with the best service by allowing the most comprehensive, well-rounded evaluation of the fire scene.

This will be a free to attend event hosted on Microsoft Teams.

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