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High Sensitivity DNA

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Increasing the intelligence and evidential value obtained from low template DNA samples

Having specialised in DNA testing for over three decades, Cellmark has built a reputation for the quality of its DNA analysis. Through the development of a range of accredited specialist techniques and experience of working on thousands of samples, we have established an expertise for successfully obtaining DNA profiles from small, difficult and compromised biological samples.

To deliver high-sensitivity DNA analysis, Cellmark has developed a range of approaches for the extraction and analysis of low-level DNA samples. This includes the use of various specialist DNA extraction techniques; a range of different DNA systems, including mitochondrial sequencing, and STR multiplexes, including NGM SElect, Identifiler, Fusion, MiniFiler and Powerplex Y23; the use of differential amplification cycle number (PCR); as well as Cellmark’s proprietary DNA enhancement technique which provides a staged approach to improving DNA profile signal strength.

In order to provide reliable, high-sensitivity analysis, we have made considerable investment in our laboratory facilities and have led the way in applying clean-room technology to a forensic analysis environment.

In addition to advanced laboratory techniques, Cellmark has also developed and accredited bespoke DNA mixture analysis software and advanced profile comparison algorithms to assist in the resolution of low-level DNA mixtures and identification of potential profile matches.