A Commitment to Quality

ISO 17025:2017

In 2000 Cellmark became the first DNA laboratory to achieve accreditation from UKAS to ISO 17025:2005 (now 17025:2017) and since then has continued to extend the scope of this accreditation as new services have been introduced and developed. Our extensive ISO 17025 scope for our forensic laboratory services is detailed on the UKAS website under Lab 2045 - which you can view on the UKAS website.

Forensic Science Regulator’s (FSR) Codes of Practice and Conduct

In August 2013, Cellmark became one of the first providers to have their forensic services accredited to the Regulator’s Codes of Practice and Conduct. On the 2nd October 2023, Cellmark transitioned to the Forensic Science Regulator Code of Practice (Version 1). As indicated by the Schedules of Accreditation, Cellmark has demonstrated extensive compliance for the range of Forensic Science Activities (FSAs) it is contracted to deliver to its police customers.

ISO 17020:2012 (Crime Scene Attendance)

In 2012 Cellmark became the first Forensic Science Provider in the UK to hold accreditation to ISO 17020:1998 (now ISO 17020:2012) for “Assessment, Search, Identification, Recovery, Recording, Selecting, Examination and Interpretation of Body Fluids and Tissues and Physical Material and Associated Items from Scenes of Crime for Forensic Purposes”.  This is the standard required by the Forensic Science Regulator to be attained by all police forces by 2020.

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)

ISO9001 is the world’s most widely recognised quality management standard. It provides assurance that an organisation consistently provides products and services that meet customer requirements, and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Cellmark is assessed by SGS UK Ltd and has been certified to ISO9001 (or its predecessor BS5750) since 1990.

ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management)

ISO 14001 is the globally recognised standard for environmental management systems demonstrating commitment to preventing pollution, meeting applicable legal and other regulatory requirements and for continually improving overall environmental performance. Cellmark is assessed by SGS UK Ltd and first achieved ISO 14001 in 2010.

In early in 2016 Cellmark was successfully recertified to the 2015 versions of both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by SGS UK Ltd.

ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management)

ISO 27001 is the rigorous international standard for information management systems. It addresses both IT and physical security, and includes comprehensive risk management to identify and mitigate security threats and vulnerabilities. Cellmark was an early adopter of ISO 27001 in the forensic sector and first achieved certification in 2012 with full recertification to ISO 27001:2013 in January 2015 by SGS UK Ltd.

Cyber Essentials Plus

In line with the requirements of many government contracts, Cellmark holds a Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate of Assurance demonstrating its commitment to cyber security.