Cold Case Review

Advances in forensic science have led to an increased interest in conducting cold case reviews

A cold case is one which remains unsolved, despite the best efforts of police investigators. The crime could have occurred several years or even decades ago but i evidence has been retained there is always the potential that forensic science could still provide the crucial lead even if the exhibits have been previously examined.

The ongoing development of forensic techniques is continuing to provide increased detection sensitivity. This, together with the introduction of novel approaches to examining evidence, means that the forensic re-examination of unsolved crimes at Cellmark regularly delivers significant investigative breakthroughs.

While innovative science can be the key, it can also be the fresh review of the case by one of Cellmark’s experienced team of cold case scientists that makes the difference. We have numerous examples where the combination of skilled problem solving and innovative thinking, together with the application of the latest forensic science and technology has led to a successful prosecution, many years after the original offence.

Forensic Cold case review

 Awe inspiring

In 2015 Scotland’s Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland described the work of Cellmark’s scientists in the re-investigation of the World’s End murders as ‘awe inspiring’.