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Cellmark Forensic Services Locations - Abingdon


Cellmark opened its first forensic laboratory at Abingdon in 1987 and the site remains as Cellmark’s UK headquarters where we employ approximately 350 staff.

Over the years, the facility has been expanded and now, at nearly 7,000m2, is more than eight times the original footprint equipped with 33 state-of-the-art cleanroom laboratories with differential pressure regimes and HEPA air filtration for forensic DNA recovery and analysis, as well as 9 GLP laboratories and two containment labs with level 2 and 3 capability.

At Abingdon, we operate a highly automated, rapid, buccal swab DNA profiling service for submission to the National DNA Database as well one of the largest high-volume, crime scene DNA laboratories in the world. In addition, we provide our police customers with a full casework evidence recovery capability, a comprehensive range of analytical and interpretive services across the spectrum of forensic biology and chemistry disciplines, toxicology services, specialist high-sensitivity DNA testing, Gunshot residue recovery and analysis, and crime scene attendance.


In 2009, Cellmark opened a new forensic laboratory facility in Chorley, Lancashire to accommodate significant increases in work and to enhance the service delivered to our police customers in the North of England. The laboratory was opened by Chris Sims, then the ACPO lead for forensics, on 26 March 2009.

Following two subsequent expansions, Cellmark’s 3,350m2 Chorley facility is one of the highest specification forensic laboratories in the world, housing two independent cleanroom complexes, 23 separate forensic laboratories (including a containment level 2 lab) and vehicle examination facilities.

With nearly 100 forensic staff at Chorley, we deliver a broad range of casework and DNA analysis services and specialise in evidence recovery, forensic biology and chemistry disciplines, including fibres and accelerant analysis, DNA reporting and evaluative interpretation, and operate a responsive crime scene attendance service.