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Forensic Toxicology


This fascinating branch of forensic science is concerned with the quantities and effects of various drugs, alcohol and poisons on human beings and has involved Cellmark toxicologists in a wide range of cases since we established our state-of-the art toxicology facility at Abingdon in 2011. 

In 2015 Cellmark was the first Forensic Science Provider to be accredited for the full S5A drugs panel and today we now provide an ISO17025 accredited casework toxicology service as well as the full prescription and DFSA drugs panels, and hair drug and alcohol service.

We believe that a strategy of building toxicology capacity and capability in house works well; we are continually developing our resources by training further analytical and reporting staff and since 2017 have increased our capacity by 440%.  We have a very successful scheme of Entry Level Toxicologists who have over the years had the training and gained the experience to become Reporting Scientists and Expert Witnesses.  In 2023 we are looking forward to a further expansion of our toxicology and office capacity and to welcoming new members into the team.