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ID Secure

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Personal DNA Profiling and storage: providing certainty in an uncertain world

ID-Secure from Cellmark is a personal DNA profiling service that can, when required, help your family or your organisation by significantly reducing the time and difficulty involved in establishing identity, and, in unfortunate circumstances, providing closure.

  • Is the quality of the duty of care you provide your employees important to you?
  • Do your employees work in regions where political unrest exists?
  • Do your employees work in high-risk occupations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ID-Secures could represent a key element in your duty of care provision.

ID-Secure delivers that extra degree of assurance for each and every one of your employees, and their families, by enabling your organisation to store the DNA profiles of those employees whose job involves significant risk. It involves taking a voluntary mouth swab sample and the generation of the individual's DNA profile - the details of that profile can then be stored, as a series of numbers as an addition to the organisation's existing employee HR records. If needed this information can be transmitted to disaster management agencies worldwide simply and rapidly eliminating the need for the time consuming collection of reference samples.