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Search Assessment and Mapping Service (SAMS)

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Cellmark’s Search Assessment and Mapping Service (SAMS) was developed as a cost-efficient service to aid searches. SAMS combines experienced landscape analysts with state-of-the-art technology to undertake highly complex analyses designed to quickly identify priority search areas.

Search areas that are overwhelmingly large can be reduced to much smaller prioritised zones.

Our highly experienced SAMS analysts undertake the integrated analysis of multiple datasets, including:

  • Current and historical mapping
  • Current and historical aerial photographs
  • Geology, soil, and vegetation data
  • 3D digital modelling of land surfaces
  • LiDAR data (3D digital modelling of the ground obscured by woodland)
  • Hyperspectral and thermal imagery
  • Cell-site and ANPR data
  • Offender profiling
  • Intelligence
  • Statistical data – such as CATCHEM

SAMS analyses range from the reconstruction of widespread landscapes at the time of an offence, even if this occurred decades ago, to the detailed analysis of changes within a single property over any given time span.

Once priority search areas have been identified, we can then undertake detailed aerial remote sensing using UAVs, or drones, and walkover surveys. Through our well established relationship with Flythru, Cellmark is able to offer a cost effective UAV (drone) data capture service featuring national coverage flying a range of fixed wing and multi-rotor platforms under a UK Civil Aviation Authority permit.

As well as the ability to capture innovative, detailed and accurate data (including photo, video, 3D modelling and LiDAR) for additional interrogation and analysis, live streams can be integrated into existing command platforms to provide scene commanders with multiple data streams to aid the management and accurate recording of a scene.