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3D Crime Scene Modelling

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Please note: this is a 3D representation of a simulated burial containing plastic human remains.

Accurate and detailed records are essential to support interpretations made during crime-scene examinations. Clear and coherent imagery is a vital component of such records and allows the police, the court, and other experts, to understand the physical character of the crime scene without visiting it in person. The ability to inspect the scene remotely can also allow initial interpretations to be reviewed, modified, and enhanced, particularly if further information becomes available after the scene attendance.

We use photogrammetry to produce digital 3D models of scenes or areas of interest of any size, ranging from vast outdoor landscapes to closely defined areas, such as clandestine burial sites. These are fully scaled and measurable and allow an immersive and realistic reconstruction of the scene. The 3D models have a rich photo-real appearance, without the grainy or speckled quality that some forms of digital modelling produce, and are true representations of the scene, rather than artificial CGI interpretations.

  • Level of detail far in advance of standard survey techniques
  • Models can be measured, including heights, depths, horizontal and diagonal lengths
  • Volumes can be calculated, from piles of soil or gravel, to hollow features, such as pits
  • 3D Videos that move around key areas of the scene, rather than static photographs
  • Photo-real 3D representations are clear and easy to understand
  • Limitless angles of scenes or objects can be viewed even after the examination has been completed
  • Powerful digital tools enable enhanced visualisation of surface textures and features that are not normally detectable to the naked eye