Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)

Cellmark has provided support and expertise in numerous DVI incidents, both within the UK and around the world

Following a mass fatality from events such as a natural disaster, aeroplane crash or hostile activity during a war or act of terrorism there may be a requirement to identify those who have died and/or to reconcile body parts.

Cellmark has extensive experience of working within mortuaries and at the site of an event and advising pathologists about the appropriate sampling of remains for DNA analysis. Our DNA analysis techniques have been tailored to deal effectively with the challenging samples often recovered for DVI, including techniques for the rapid analysis of degraded tissue, bones and teeth. We achieve high levels of success, including analysis on bones dating back more than 50 years.

Cellmark has been active in the development of international DVI protocols and advising agencies on the collection and storage of DNA samples for DVI purposes. Cellmark is accredited to use a wide range of DNA profiling systems which enables close collaboration with laboratories from other countries.

DVI Disaster Victim Identification