Forensic anthropology is the study of human remains

Forensic anthropology is the study of human remains, particularly where the body is skeletonised, semi-decomposed, fragmented, commingled and/or burnt. The primary role of the forensic anthropologist is not to determine cause of death but to determine the identity of the deceased when they are no longer recognisable.

Biological data that Cellmark's internationally-renowned team can provide includes identification of species (where there is uncertainty as to whether the remains are animal or human), determination of age-at-death, sex, ancestry or race, estimation of living height and body build, and the identification of any dental or skeletal anomalies and pre-existing skeletal pathology including traumatic injury.

Cellmark’s team can also provide information regarding postmortem modification of human remains and is also qualified and accredited to assess the age in living individuals.

Forensic Anthropology