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Forensic Support for Dyfed Powys Police

In January 2020 Andrew Jones murdered his friend and wife’s lover, Michael O’Leary and went to extreme lengths to hide his crime.  Cellmark Forensic Services assisted Dyfed Powys Police with Operation Carlston, the investigation which led to Andrew Jones being sentenced at Swansea Crown Court to life imprisonment for murder.

The investigation by Dyfed Powys Police of this complex no body murder, presented many challenges and involved extensive forensic work.  Cellmark’s specialist anthropologists, archaeologists, biologists, chemists and toxicologists provided forensic analysis at the crime scene as well at Cellmark’s forensic laboratories.  This multidisciplinary case involved blood pattern analysis, DNA profiling, trace evidence, Gunshot Residue Analysis, drug toxicology and fire debris investigation to help Dyfed Powys Police with this extraordinary investigation.

We have used the services of Cellmark’s anthropologists and archaeologists for Dyfed Powys Police cases on a number of occasions with excellent results. In addition, we often use the Bones ID service and have nothing but praise for the quick response enabling us to promptly take the required action.

Dyfed Powys Police