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Embrace Child Victims of Crime - Cellmark’s nominated charity

In 2021, Cellmark’s employees were asked to vote for a charity which was not only making a valuable contribution within society but was also related to the work of the Company.  And so it was that Embrace Child Victims of Crime became and remains Cellmark’s nominated charity and the focus of much of our fund raising both within the Company and where possible outside.

Embrace Child Victims of Crime is the charity that helps children and young people who have suffered trauma after witnessing or being a victim of domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect and other serious crime, as well as those who are struggling to cope with the death of a parent lost through serious crime.  Much of Cellmark’s work is focused on using forensic science to help the police investigate these types of offences;  supporting Embrace is another way in which we can assist the victims of crime.  

Cellmark is proud to be a member of the Embrace 100 Club.  We are committed to supporting and helping Embrace to achieve their vision of ensuring that every child who has been harmed by crime across the UK gets the help and support they need to help them rebuild their lives.