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GSR paper selected as outstanding article

Gunshot Residue

Cellmark’s article, “Fate and Behaviour of Gunshot Residue—A Review,” published in Journal of Forensic Sciences (JFS) in 2017, has been chosen by the JFS Associate Editors to be featured in the special JFS Issue compiled to celebrate National Forensic Science Week (NFSW).

In this special JFS Virtual Issue, outstanding articles have been selected to demonstrate the recent development of forensic pattern comparison and Cellmark’s GSR paper was chosen because it was one of the journal’s top cited articles in 2018 and 2019.

This comprehensive review is part of a series of peer-reviewed scientific publications about GSR interpretation, co-authored by Cellmark’s lead GSR scientist Kal Chana. They resulted from a five year research collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University. Funded by Cellmark, the research programme was designed to better understand the material science and the physics of GSR deposition, to inform its recovery at crime scenes, and to aid its interpretation in forensic casework.

Being selected for this special JFS edition means that free access to the article will be available until the end of October 2020. The Special JFS issue can be found here.