Forensic Services

Cellmark - more than just DNA testing

Established in 1987 Cellmark has over twenty years’ experience of providing police forces with high quality, specialist forensic services. As one of the largest DNA testing companies in the world Cellmark has a proven reputation for its expertise and success in obtaining DNA profiles from difficult samples.

Cellmark provides a comprehensive analytical service for a range of forensic casework including specialist services for the investigation of sexual offences and the review of cold cases.

Cellmark’s reputation is built on the quality of its innovative DNA analysis, its leading success rates and the speed and responsiveness of its service - combining traditional forensic expertise with new and innovative approaches to help the police solve crime

From the pioneering days of forensic DNA analysis to the high throughput efficiency of our latest suite of laboratories, Cellmark has 25 years of experience of providing the Police with high quality, specialist forensic services

National DNA Database®

Accredited to submit crime scene stain and PACE profiles to the NDNAD since 1998

Major and Serious crime

A comprehensive forensic investigation service tailored to the individual requirements of UK police forces


Experienced in responding to the challenges of Disaster Victim Identification

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